Content Integration

INTOS offers you modern and customizable data integration options for your business success!

Content is King. As a partner of INTOS ELECTRONIC AG, you benefit from high-quality product data in the form of elaborately processed technical data and high-resolution product and application images. For integration, we offer you a wide range of technical options and professional support from our in-house IT department.

ICC - INTOS Content Center

Product data individually according to your needs for your online store.

The heart of the data integration is the newly created Intos Content Center (formerly FTP Center). The INTOS Content Center (ICC) offers you the possibility to compile and export individual product data according to your needs. It is a stand-alone portal, independent of the INTOS Shop and the central point of contact for data integration.

As a customer of Intos Electronic AG you have exclusive and free access to this portal and can benefit from the data quality. You can reach the ICC via There you apply for access with your email address stored in your customer account and will be activated after a short check (independent of the online store).

In the ICC we provide you with multilingual product data such as article name, long description, technical data, stocks, prices and much more.

You can have this data sent to you in various formats, fully automatically by e-mail at the interval of your choice. In addition, you will receive FTP access via which you can access these files at any time.

You can reach the Content-Center directly via


Images fast, always up to date and without traffic for your store

The CDN (Content Delivery Network) of INTOS ELECTRONIC AG is a powerful server infrastructure on which we provide you with our images. By integrating the CDN into your store, you can ensure that all your images are always up to date.

The servers, specially designed for content rendering, take over the full traffic load. This contributes significantly to the speed of your store.

You can find more information about the CDN connection in the ICC.


Customized connection

Electronic Data Interchange is used to transfer business documents between companies in a standard format. Simply defined, EDI is a standard electronic format that eliminates the need for paper-based documents such as purchase orders or invoices.

  • Exchange of electronic order data (order, AB, LS, invoice)
  • opentrans xml (v 1 or 2.1), eancom d96A
  • exchange via intoseen ftp possible

For further information please contact directly our Shop-Team

Rich content for your online shop

Up-to-the-minute, complete & ready-to-use layouts

With our technology partner of the loadbee platform, you receive complete & ready-to-use "Rich Content" product descriptions of our own brand InLine directly into your online store. Simply insert the plug-in and benefit immediately free of charge:

  • Completely free of charge for retailers
  • Suitable for every store system
  • Automatic assignment based on EAN numbers
  • GDPR compliant
  • No danger of duplicate content
  • Up-to-date product information

Use the advantages for yourself and join the loadbee platform

  • Increase conversion rate and reduce bounce rate: High-quality content through an appealing product presentation in the corporate design of the manufacturer increases the conversion rate and ensures more sal
  • es! Less data maintenance: You only have to create the article with short description and EAN code or add your own unique content. Via EAN code matching, the premium content is automatically added. Less effort, daily updated data records and no duplicate content!
  • Concise increase in quality of the product detail page: More information and an appealing presentation increase the perceived quality and radiate professionalism.

Simple & unique connection in just a few minutes!

Increase the conversion rate in your online store with the foolproof connection of the loadbee platform. Start today and benefit from the automatic inflow of up-to-date & sales-promoting product information directly from the brand. What are you waiting for?

Step 1

Simply fill out the form on the loadbee homepage and off you go.

Step 2

You will receive all information about the connection of your online store by e-mail.

Step 3

Display of the brand's optimally laid out rich content by simply copying and pasting a plug-in

Rich content for InLine and over 300 other brands:

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Our competent in-house IT team will be happy to assist you with data integration.
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