Speaker cables for the optimum sound experience

You can achieve optimum sound quality for an incomparable listening experience with a good speaker. However, a high-quality speaker alone is not enough. To get the best out of it, you need the right speaker cable. Although speakers or surround receivers can be connected with a normal power cable, you will have to compromise on sound quality. With a good speaker cable, you can connect your audio source to your speaker, avoid compromising on sound quality and, in return, exploit the full potential of your speaker or surround receiver. 
Speaker cables play an important role in the field of audio technology. At INTOS ELECTRONIC AG, we therefore offer you speaker cables in various lengths and diameters.

Speaker cables: Relevance of length and diameter

The diameter and length of the speaker cable are important factors when choosing the right cable. The thickness of the speaker cable is decisive for the diameter. The thicker the cable, the lower the electrical impedance. With a thicker speaker cable, you therefore achieve greater efficiency in audio transmission. The result is improved sound quality.
 The length of the speaker cable can also have an effect on the sound quality. If the cable is too long, the quality will be reduced and the speaker or surround receiver will not be able to deliver its full performance in terms of the listening experience. You should therefore find out in advance what length is suitable for your purpose without running the risk of excessive signal loss.

InLine cables at INTOS: Speaker cables 

Speaker cables between ten and 100 meters with a diameter of 0.75mm² and 2.75mm² are available in our online store. The speaker cable from InLine has a transparent jacket with an identification wire and is made of a copper-aluminum alloy. 
With high-quality speaker cables, you can give your speakers or surround receiver a clearer sound because they reduce signal loss. They also have better conductivity. This advantage has a positive effect on sound reproduction. If you invest in a high-quality speaker cable, you will receive a cable that is both durable and less susceptible to interference. 
As a cable specialist, we focus on high quality for all our cables, whether speaker cables, HDMI cables, jack cables or other products from the audio and video sector, in order to provide you with the best user experience. Also discover our other products beyond cables, such as adaptersinput and output devices or everything to do with network infrastructure.