RCA and jack cables

RCA and jack cables have been used for decades to make audio connections. Whether digital or analogue, balanced or unbalanced, for private or professional use - the connectors are still used in a variety of ways today. Cinch cables are mainly used in the home to establish audio or video transmissions, whereas jack cables are also increasingly used in the amateur and professional sector. At INTOS ELECTRONIC AG, we offer you a comprehensive range of RCA and jack cables in various lengths and designs, as extensionsadapters or Y-cables.

RCA cable

The cinch cable is used to transmit analogue signals, for example to connect audio sources to amplifiers or loudspeakers. Normally, the cinch cable consists of two plugs, one white and one red. If a video signal is also to be transmitted, a third, yellow plug is added. For this purpose, the cinch cable has two connectors that transmit the signal exclusively asymmetrically via two separate channels. Normal cinch cables are generally used for domestic purposes. Computer technology and telecommunications use so-called coaxial cables with cinch plugs. Coaxial describes a specific cable construction. These cinch cables have a more complex structure, an insulating layer and an outer conductor protect the inner conductor from any interference signals. You can recognise high-quality cinch cables by their gold-plated plugs. The gold plating prevents corrosion on the coaxial cable, which is why they are more durable than simple cinch cables.

Jack cable

The jack cable is mostly used professionally by musicians, producers or sound specialists and is the most important format for them. They can transmit mono or stereo signals with just one plug, both balanced and unbalanced. Due to their space-saving properties, jack cables are therefore used in audio technology for audio interfaces, keyboards or drum machines. As these have many inputs and outputs for individual channels, compact jacks are needed to enable a design that works in practice. Large jack cables with a diameter of 6.35 mm are used for this purpose. Jack plugs with a diameter of 3.5 mm are mostly used for tablets or smartphones that still have a jack connection.