BNC and VGA cables

BNC, VGA and HDMI cables are used to transmit moving images. Although HDMI is now the standard for video transmission, VGA cables are still used for analog image transmission. Older monitors, televisions, projectors or graphics cards still mainly use this interface. BNC cables are also used in radio and measurement technology due to their properties. Both VGA cables and BNC cables, adapters and extensions with the respective connections are available from INTOS.

BNC cables for radio, video and measurement technology

BNC cables are an important component in various areas of technology. They are used when frequent connection and disconnection of the cable is necessary. As a coaxial plug connection, radio, video and measurement technology relies on the BNC cable because it is reliable and durable. Another advantage is that signals are only transmitted with minimal interference. The BNC cable is available in two versions. Depending on the version, it is used in different areas. The 50 ohm version, for example, is commonly used in data systems or in telecommunications. If audio and video data is to be transmitted, such as in the television or radio industry, the 75-ohm version is used.

The properties of BNC connections have proven themselves in the professional sector in particular, where signal loss must be prevented and the signal must be protected from interference. In addition to radio and television, BNC cables are used in laboratory equipment, medical devices and security systems.

VGA cables for image and video transmission

With the switch from analog to digital, VGA cables have basically become obsolete. They continued to be used with older devices with the aid of corresponding VGA adapters in order to be able to connect the older devices to the newer models. Even today, the interface is still used from time to time, which is why you can obtain VGA cables in various versions from INTOS. In addition to their compatibility with older devices, VGA cables are characterized by their versatility. VGA cables are still used, for example, to connect laptops to televisions or projectors. VGA cables are also used in the gaming sector. This allows gaming consoles to be connected to monitors or televisions that do not have an HDMI connection. Although the VGA cable reaches its limits in terms of image resolution, it is particularly suitable for presentations where no digital signal is required. 15-pin VGA cables as well as extensions, plugs and adapters are available from your INTOS ELECTRONIC AG cable specialist.