Various audio cables and video cables at INTOS

Audio and video cables in the form of jack, RCA, VGA or optical audio cables are available from INTOS in the highest quality. Various other audio cables and video cables can also be found in our diverse range. With our audio and video cables, we ensure a high-quality sound and viewing experience. Find out more about our individual products. If you have any questions, our live support experts will be happy to answer them.

Audio cables for a high-quality sound experience

Jack, RCA or an optical audio cable? The standard audio cable, the jack plug, has long since been expanded to include numerous new solutions. The jack cable, better known as an aux cable, is usually used for speakers or headphones to connect them to a PC, smartphone, tablet and other devices and transmit analog sound. The standard is a 3.5mm jack. However, smaller and larger formats are also used in sound engineering and music production, which you can find in the INTOS range. We offer you jack plugs in various formats, whether 2.5mm jack plugs or 6.3mm, and lengths, as adaptersextensions or Y-cables. You can equip high-quality sound systems with our speaker cable. Available in various lengths, they guarantee a high-quality sound experience. We also supply the matching banana plugs as a set of two.

Televisions, projectors and consoles can also be connected via an optical audio cable. The InLine® OPTO audio cable with TOSLINK plug is available in various lengths in our online store. At INTOS, we offer you up to 15m of cable that you can use for bridging. The former standard for the transmission of digital audio signals was originally a Toshiba-exclusive fiber optic connection system. Today, it is only used if no HDMI, USB or DisplayPort connection is available. The optical audio cable is therefore increasingly aimed at older devices that are still to be used.

Video cable for the best picture quality

In addition to the jack cable as the standard for older devices such as games consoles, video recorders or VHS receivers, INTOS also offers another form of aux cable: the cinch cable. The cinch cable transmits both audio and video signals. With our three-plug RCA cable from the InLine® brand, you can connect video devices such as televisions to playback devices such as hi-fi systems. 

We also offer VGA cablesextensions and VGA RGB cables. VGA cables are still used today, for example, to connect a switchbox to a PC. But also to connect the computer to old monitors. Our S-VGA cables from InLine® guarantee optimum transmission of image signals. Thanks to their double shielded performance and copper braiding, they ensure the best possible image quality.