Adapter cables and converter cables for a problem-free connection

Connection cables such as HDMI-DVI cables, DisplayPort and other adapter and converter cables are available from INTOS ELECTRONIC AG in high quality. Adapter cables and converter cables are particularly useful when one device needs to be connected to another, but both do not have the same connections. This is the case, for example, when an external, new device needs to be connected to an older one. In our online shop, you will find exactly the adapter cable or converter cable you need for your purpose from a range of 6,000 items. As a cable specialist, our products have stood for excellent quality since 1991. Our comprehensive range of electronic accessories is characterised by safety and durability, setting us apart from other suppliers in the industry.

Video converter cables, HDMI adapter cables and much more

From video converter cables to HDMI cables and DisplayPort connectors, you will find exactly the adapter you need for your TV, PC or laptop. Our in-house brand InLine® provides you with a diverse range of 4,500 products in the field of IT and multimedia accessories. This includes adapters and converters with various connections that you need for multimedia, home cinema or even the PC infrastructure in the office. For example, use the InLine® converter cable to connect a monitor with DisplayPort connection to a computer with HDMI graphics output or use the InLine® Mini DisplayPort HDMI adapter cable with audio to connect an HDMI connection to a Mini DisplayPort interface.

Comprehensive selection of adapters and converters

Numerous connection options, and INTOS ELECTRONIC AG supplies the right adapters and converters to connect different interfaces. Our selection of adapter cables and converter cables covers all connections. From HDMI to DisyplayPort, DVI to VGA, the adapters and converters are available in various lengths. Some adapter cables can be configured to your requirements, such as the InLine® HDMI-DVI adapter cable. This gives you the option of customising the adapter to the ideal length for your purpose, whether for domestic or industrial use. INTOS ELECTRONIC AG is your contact for the customised assembly of electronic accessories, in particular cables, and supplies local companies from various industries. Our customers include system houses, public sector clients and industrial customers, for whom we offer customised solutions for further processing in cars, medical technology or company networks.